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Malcolm showed an early interest in entrepreneurship, often working alongside his grandmother making cold calls for her financial services business at the tender age of 12. Teased as a child, he developed a thick skin and his trademark “gift of gab” which he used to negotiate his way out of encounters with bullies. Labeled as learning disabled, Malcolm was fueled by a desire to prove any naysayers wrong, and use his talents to transform the lives of others.

After working various odd jobs after college, Malcolm landed a position at a Big 4 management consulting firm. He recognized early on that the 9-to-5 life was not for him, and that he wanted something more. Looking for a way out, he tried his hand at 7 unsuccessful network marketing and start-up businesses racking up over $100,000 in debt. Facing bankruptcy, Malcolm finally took the advice of his grandmother to obtain his insurance license.

As he grew more frustrated with corporate America, Malcolm increasingly focused his energies on his budding insurance business - often working late into the night from his dining room table. Within 6 months, he made $10,601 in commissions in a single week. A month later, he left his 6-figure consulting job to start National Care Financial Group, and in just 6 short years, has recruited over 1000 team members and has grown his multi-million dollar agency into one of the largest African-American owned insurance agencies in the world.

Malcolm’s social media reign started out as just an outlet and a fun way to engage his family and friends online. His big break came when he was suddenly thrust center stage at Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour after a chance, face-to-face encounter with Oprah at the pre-event luncheon. After being featured by Oprah, Malcolm’s videos took off as views and “likes” grew from the hundreds, to thousands, to millions - and he has never looked back. A shy person by nature, Malcolm often jokes he channels his “MJ” persona online, offering matter-of-fact advice on all things finance, business, and relationships.

Through his global multimedia conglomerate, Malcolm shares his secrets of success and empowerment via his online mentorship program for minority entrepreneurs, live events, news segment, podcast, YouTube channel, and a host of eCourses and other online resources dedicated to helping people transform their spiritual, financial, and professional lives. His authentic delivery style and magnetic personality have afforded him a loyal following of over 1,000,000 people across all of his digital footprint.

Malcolm has consistently beaten the odds - and he has no plans of slowing down. A sought-after lecturer and motivational speaker, Malcolm is frequently called upon to offer his expertise to corporations, non-profits, and youth organizations all over the country. His charitable heart leads him to personally give to many causes that promote financial literacy and support victims of all kinds of abuse. His own struggles with childhood abuse are the impetus for his latest philanthropic endeavor, National Care Foundation. He is committed to helping each and every person he encounters live the limitless life they desire and deserve!

Picture this – You’re 25 years old, living in a beautifully furnished condo in the heart of the city. Your closet looks like a New York Fashion Week runway show, and you are driving a car most people can only dream of driving. Sounds great, right? Well that’s just on the surface, because in reality, you absolutely hate your job, your mortgage payment is about 25 days late, those Gucci shoes were bought on credit cards, and your car needs an oil change that will have to wait until the next time you get paid. This was my life. I can say it now, but at the time I had so many excuses for why my situation was this way. It all came down to one thing. I was living WELL above my means, and something had to change and quickly. I simply wanted more out of life.

Looking for a way out, I started running from business idea to business idea. Seven failed businesses later, I was $100,000 in debt, and facing foreclosure on my home. I needed a solution - and FAST. Around this time, I started posting a few videos online just as an outlet – something to do to distract from my situation.

One day, I called my grandmother to vent about my job, and she suggested “Why don’t you do something different and get your insurance license.” She had been in the insurance industry for decades, and I knew a little bit about the business from helping my grandmother make cold calls to her insurance clients when I was just 12 years old. I was pretty good at it then, so I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Things got off to a pretty slow start, but after just 6 months in the business, I made my first 5-figure check for $10,601 dollars. Working late nights and long weekends from my dining room table, I grew my agency to about 10 agents. I was able to negotiate a settlement on my debt, and I finally took the leap to leave my 9-to-5 job just one month later.

My big break came after a chance meeting with Oprah at her ‘The Life You Want’ Tour. A brief “hello” turned into me being thrust center stage at the event. After that, interest in me grew like wildfire, and views and “likes” on my social media videos went from the hundreds, to thousands, to millions.

As my following grew, I recognized the power of digital media as a way to connect with people. Now, through my multimedia firm, I share success secrets and inspiration via my online mentorship program for minority entrepreneurs, live events, news segment, podcast, YouTube channel, social media accounts, and a host of eCourses and other online resources dedicated to helping people transform their spiritual, financial, and professional lives.

My insurance agency is now one of America’s largest African-American owned firms. With over 1000 team members, we help thousands of families change the course of their financial futures each year.

None of this happened by accident. My life is a summation of all of my experiences – some good and some bad. I’ve been broke, was labeled learning disabled as a child, was a victim of childhood abuse, and was nearly homeless, and at the same time, I’ve sat at dinner tables with Hollywood royalty. I am an open book – ready to share any and everything about my journey to bring hope and encouragement to others.

Throughout my life, I have consistently refused to let my past define my future. I measure my success by the number of lives I am able to touch in a positive way. I am committed to helping each and every person I encounter live the limitless life they desire and deserve!

Let go of your past, and grab hold of your future.


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