How Does OmniBay Operate?

Overview of our services. 


About OmniBay

OmniBay is a network of independent firms that operates as an insurance agency, lead generation, and sales training platform.

Individuals who wish to learn to sell insurance may sign up for our sales training programs, which are priced up to $199 per month. The first 30 days of most of our monthly programs are free so that people can determine if that respective program is a fit. During the 30 day trial, and thereafter, they may cancel at any time without a fee or penalty. 

Within the sales training program, customers are able to learn to sell life insurance and be provided with access to resources to help them get their life insurance license. Currently, after getting licensed and submitting 5 clients, they are eligible to have their fees turned off to have lifetime access to the training platform for free.

For licensed agents who do not desire to attend our sales training program, they may join our agency platform for free to have access to our insurance carriers.  That option is provided on the sign-up page after watching our webinar.

We also offer a business track that allows agents to recruit team members to their downline and/or our training program. In doing so, they are able to be paid up to 50% of the fees successfully collected from their recruits.

Of the 17,000+ people who have been recruited to our affiliated platforms, less than 1% of those individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity to actively recruit within this track. The vast majority of our team members focus on insurance training and sales - not recruitment.



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