An Online Course Academy (by MJ Harris & Dale Moss)


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"Instagram is a POWERFUL money-making engine. Everyone should know how to market on it."

Co-Instructor, Malcolm "MJ" Harris

Here’s what’s included in the course academy and mentorship:

  • 18 Easy-To-Follow Videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere, from any device. ($527 Value)
  • The 5-Step Roadmap to help you get more followers, convert followers to customers, and as much money as you desire on Instagram. 
  • Everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t. We’ve filtered out the best of the best knowledge so you don’t waste time on things that don’t work.
  • Simple and impactful teachings so that anyone can use the lessons to market like a pro on Instagram.
  • BONUS COURSE You can access to our new Million Dollar Instagram Marketer Course ($500 Value)

Mentorship Program (Optional):

  • Group Mentoring Webinar Every Month: MJ will lead a live group mentoring webinar every month. In this webinar, he will teach a success lesson and answer your questions.
  • All of the webinars are recorded so if you miss a session you can still watch and send in your questions ahead of time.
  • Meet Other Success-Minded People in our exclusive Facebook community. 

CANCEL ANYTIME, no questions asked. 

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"Leaving the NFL can be a rough transition for many athletes. I used social media to build a GLOBAL business and secure my financial future. "

Co-Instructor, Dale Moss

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is perfect for you if any of the following sounds like you...  

  • You want to get more followers on Instagram.
  • You own a business and want to learn how to convert your followers to customers.
  • You want to learn the secrets, tips, and tricks used by some of Instagram's top marketers. 
  • You're ready to start making money through Instagram!

The "Social Media Academy: How to Market Like a Pro on Instagram" is a 90-day program designed to take you through an easy-to-follow, video-based course teaching you everything you need to know to start marketing yourself like a pro on Instagram. 

The program happens exclusively within MJ's mentorship group. Therefore, you may remain in the mentorship program after the social media academy ends if you want to attend future business development academies, webinars, and intensives by MJ and his panelist of experts!

You can enjoy this course anytime, anywhere, from any device: our course is designed in both audio and video format so you can learn on the go, in the car, or while you work.

You can cancel at anytime. 

We know how it feels to want to grow your business and followers, but not know how. This course will help you achieve success on Instagram!


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